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Being Human Book

This book explains the model of the life forces and the human template work that is the foundation of the ontological work pioneered by Solihin and Alicia Thom


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We have made the book a pre-requisite for all those who have or about to take a workshop with us. This creates a common feeling and relative understanding with all the participants, providing a sense of what the workshops are founded on, and the building blocks used in all the various workshops that Ad Humanitas provides.

“In a contemporary spiritual marketplace determined to convince us that we are all already perfect just as we are, Being Human sounds a refreshing note of sanity with its call to confront and come to terms with the complex cauldron of forces that drive our behavior. Illuminating the universality of the human experience through anecdotes, archetypes, and stories from the authors’ lives, it is both a guidebook to the human condition and an invitation to rise above our conditioning by engaging the noble struggle to make manifest in our lives the integrity and dignity of our own Divine nature.”

-Craig Hamilton, Managing Editor, What Is Enlightenment Magazine

$19.95 +p.p.

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