Being Human Cards

Being Human Cards

$50 [not including s/h]

There are 90 cards in this NEW set. They are divided into three differing groups: [1] the essential 9, [2] their paired opposites (01, yin and yang vegetal, male and female instinctual, left and right brain the devil and the angel on the shoulder etc.) These compliment the initial 9 and introduce a level of complexity. The [3] are archetypal patterns which include undifferentiated states, allies, developmental modes of perception, misuse of the vital qualitiesIn this grouping are also the five hearts. There are illustration. In all, these complex set of differing cards, allow for a level of sophistication which we have not introduced before. It opens up the use of the cards to enable a serious examination of state of the person who uses the cards, and allows for people to begin to see the patterns they have fallen into, and the resources which will help move out of it.

Being Human cards are a wonderful way to gain a deeper understanding of the forces through practice and experimentation for you, your family, and your clients.

These cards give you an opportunity to layout a constellation – a display of any given situation. A constellation infers that you place around ‘you,’ the human self,cards that will represent your personal story, narrative, situation, state of problem to be solved. Around this card you place all the other cards that represent your present state or situation. If you were an facilitator  and were listening to someone’s story you would use the clues in their speech, or mannerisms (body talk) to isolate particular cards (that reflect content of their story as they tell it) and then ask the person to ‘place’ the card in relation to themselves.

For example: They may say “Here’s me (human). My problem is that I cannot feel, …” – as they mention the word ‘feel’ –they are talking about their vegetal self– you might get them to pick that card and ask them to place the card relevant to their human self. “These are where my feelings are at the moment–over here” they might say. They place the card in relation to their beliefs, humanity, human self.

You ask them to continue. They might go on and say: ” What was I saying, ah yes; I cannot feel what I should do in my work, what sort of job I should do.” As they articulate this, you might then ask them to pick the animal card and place it in some relationship to the other cards. They may then say that “my drive and ambition and courage is rather out of reach“, and illustrate this by placing the animal card over beyond them:

The next piece might be that they say: “ I cannot get in touch with my resources” – in this cases the word ‘in touch’ infers the human quality integrity, and the word ‘resources’ infers our material self, represented by the DNA icon. “I cannot see what to do.” Now they have added in reflectiveness or the card with the eagle into their story.  You would ask them to place these three cards, again relevant to their predicament and situation. They have placed in front of themselves, a constellation of cards–their opening gambit or opening chapter and first page of their story. The opening display (or VDU – rather than a TV monitor, their display are the cards) would look, in this rather simplistic example) like this:

They have said this is their state at the moment. They cannot find their drive nor ambition, or what job to go to or find. Your job is not to be the seer and find them their talent or right job (unless you know of one!). However their job with perhaps your backing, and kind words or observations, unless of course it is you who we are talking to, and you are on your own, is to look at the display and understand what it is that you have laid out.

let’s take the above example.

The vertical but translucent arrangement on the left is the ‘actual’ hierarchical arrangement when we become normal: organized, an integral human. Nature abhors a vacuum, so when the natures (as against qualities) do not have any ground substance underneath them, they fall by gravity. So the heavily burdened human falls to the ground next to the animal, with their head carrying an ancestral pattern or weight or burden. Because integrity was placed next to the vegetal, and it was laid in this way, it acts as  a horizontal axis, and thus tells us that the person’s feelings are their axis or they are run by their feelings, which may or may not be congruent, because it too, unsupported by anything below it, falls to the ground, through gravity or mass. So we have animal weighted or squashed human + feelings at ground zero. This tells the person that they are operating off a burden (material) which is ancestral (because it carries our DNA), which buries or cocoons or creates an above ground sarcophagus that buries alive or almost alive (as there is no flexibility in the picture) the person (animal+human+vegetal). You will notice that their eagle or reflectiveness is below the ground. So this immediately tells us that the person is seeing the world or life or their situation either [a] from their underworld or unconscious, or [b] they have to explore their unconscious and the underworld or their ancestors to find the key to their problem.

In this opening gambit they say ‘here am I weighed down and enclosed by an ancestral pattern which restricts my capacity to really feel and intuit my right job. What I ought to do is to either look at my ancestral patterns to see what I carry from them that has precipitated this situation, or extricate my vision from this pattern of looking at my subconscious and look from a new position (above ground).’ In this way the person can faciliate old patterns handed down, and help their ancestors as well as begin to change their own situation.

You would then get the person to surrender, and after this moments of quietness ask them what thoughts or actions (wit the cards)that they might now do. Either change or bring in new cards (as yet not laid out) to further display the next page of their narrative. Again you or they would use the display to understand their narrative. They would continue re-arranging the cards through their own intuition (vegetative) or instinct (animal) or wisdom (received through the human via their surrender). You would stop when they feel that the process has revealed the elements that they need to find their talent, job, etc.

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