Private Practitioner/Teacher Community

InnerDialogue has facilitated an InnerDialogue Private Practitioner Community for InnerDialogue practitioners to discuss client/patient interactions as well as ontology and related information in a private, protected community to ensure confidentiality.

Please email for admittance to the Community.

You can view the Community by clicking here, but access is very limited until you join the Community and receive a login and membership (no cost).

Practitioners may download materials in the Community, such as Teacher Manuals. The Teacher Manuals are for sale to the public, and free to Community members.

Thank you,


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Despite being geographically far away from the US we are following events there closely.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those on the east coast who have suffered such great losses and devastation from hurricane Sandy, together with gratitude for those who are safe.
Having dutifully sent in our absentee ballots we pray that the results of the upcoming election are the best for America, and for the world.

With Love,
Alicia and Solihin

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Being Human Workshop in Vienna November 2012

Being Human

 facilitated by:
Dr. Raimund Gaisbauer and Dr. Regine Abraham 

click here to see this WorkShop on our Current WorkShops page

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New Practitioner Private Discussion Community

InnerDialogue is soon launching a new Practitioner Private Community.

This is a Community (a forum) where InnerDialogue Practitioners may post about clients, have discussions with other InnerDialogue Practitioners about client interactions,  ontology, etc.

Solihin and Alicia Thom will also be participating actively in this Community.

Practitioners will also be able to download Manuals for free as part of the Community. Individuals who are not Practitioners will be charged for the Manuals through Our Shop.


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