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Amalia Rasheed, InnerDialogue Practitioner and Teacher – Austria

Amalia has been a student and friend of Solihin and Alicia’s for many years. She recently started to assist and co- teach Ontologocal Kinesiology in Austria. She has recently moved to Spain. She is currently starting a practice there. For further details please email her.

Trained in / Arbeitet mit:

  • Ontological Kinesiology / Ontologische Kinesiologie
  • Cranial Fluid Dynamics / Cranio / CFD

Studium an der Univ. College in London (UCL):Deutsch und Russisch mit Philosophie + PsychologieSubud Friedens Forum – Moderatorin”Life Forces” – Trainerin (Seminare zum besseren Verständnis der Lebenskräfte)

Kontakt & Terminvereinbarung:
GESUNDHEITSPRAXIS WienSchwindgasse 91040 WienTel. 0676 7907902

Stephen Hruschka, InnerDialogue Practitioner – Austria

As a pretty lazy medical student, rather distracted by an enormous lot of spare-time work, I first met Solihin in 1986. I was invited to watch him in one of his therapies. What I got to see and hear aroused both enthusiasm and scepticism. Only a short time later I attended the first seminar held by him and Francois Reynolds, which opened a completely new outlook for me and – as it turned out later – initiated a new path in my life. In my training as a Cranio-sacral Osteopath Solihin – apart from Leopold Busquet, Jean Gabarell und Nicette Sergueef – proved to be not only my most important teacher but also my later personal guide.
In addition to many workshops in Austria – co-organised by me – I attended seminars in England, North Carolina, and Oregon. During my placement in Fulham-Clinic in London I was accomodated by his family as their guest.
In deep gratitude, I look back on many experiences I owe to Alicia and Solihin, and their effects and consequences on my life and my development in Austria. In my home town, I am in charge of the “Gesundheitspraxis Bad Vöslau” (health practice) and chairman of the ARGE Kinesiologie, an association that is built up by InnerDialogue-Practitioners and a trainer-team that teaches InnerDialogue in 3 different classes: CFD, OK and BHC

As our personal contribution to the development of the worldwide Adhumanitas-network I see the diffusion of the ontological composure with a systemic mode of thought and the principle of resonance. Furthermore we offer courses of instruction, where also animals are involved in an ontological process of experience.

More information:

Raimund Gaisbauer, InnerDialogue Practitioner – Austria

Raimund Gaisbauer has been a close friend of Solihin and Alicia for many years. He has been sharing the continuously evolving work with them since the beginning of the development and has been working with Inner Dialogue since 1993. Inner Dialogue has accompanied Raimund at trainer and consultation work as well as in business work since then.

Trained with current certification in:
Inner Dialogue – Ontology – Being Human, Kinesiology, Cranial Fluid Dynamics (Austria, Great Britain, USA).

Academic Study Civil Engineering – University of Technology Vienna (TU-Wien) – graduation Diplom Ingenieur, Doctorate Degree.
Academic Post Graduate Study in Business, Law and Economic Science – University of Technology Vienna (TU-Wien) – graduation Diplomierter Wirtschaftstechniker (DWT).

Kontakt & Terminvereinbarung:
OK Gaisbauer –
Andrea Wallner mo: +43-(0)681-10 44 65 49, ph: +43-(0)1-36 84 920;

Theodor Gaspermayr, InnerDialogue Practitioner – Austria

GESUNDHEITSPRAXIS Bad Vöslau Arbeitet seit 20 Jahren im Bereich der Körpertherapie mit den Methoden:
Massage, Cranio-sacrale Osteopathie,
Cranial Fluid Dynamics (CFD),
Ontologische Kinesiologie. Schwerpunkt – Wirbelsäule, Bewegungsapparat, vegetativ somatische Beschwerden.

Er ist Gründer der GESUNDHEITSPRAXIS Wien und Trainer der ARGE Kinesiologie.
“Mittel und Ziel meiner Arbeit ist Achtsamkeit – aus ihr erwächst Fülle”

Silvia Horak, InnerDialogue Practitioner – Austria

Silvia encountered InnerDialogue as a client in 1993 and started to learn Solihin’s work in 1996. She is trained in Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Ontological Kinesiology, Qi, Allergy.

Silvia practices InnerDialog in Vienna, her contact information is:


silvia horak | kinesiologin
praxis wien
schüttaustr. 44a /1
1220 wien/kaisermühlen
tel: 0650 68 20 893


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