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Konstantin Trifonov,  MD, DAc. MPsy Ph.D cand.

InnerDialogue Practitioner and Senior Teacher – Russia

Konstantin Trifonov MD MPsy DAc has been interested in alternative and oriental medicine since he was a student at Sechenov’s Moscow State Medical Academy. During his last two years of school, he studied acupuncture and pulse diagnostics, which allowed him to simultaneously receive both MD and DAc degrees.
After one year of general practitioner residency in the Moscow Clinical Hospital #67, he started his own acupuncture practice. During a visit to the United States in 1996, he met Solihin Thom. Today, the main focus of Konstantin’s work is to bring an understanding of the work of Ad Humanitas to the people of Russia. Konstantin lives and works both in New York City and Moscow.

In 2003 Konstantin started his doctoral program [PhD] relating to an ontological process in patients who were unable to sense or feel, and who had chronic skin lesions – “The use of a body-oriented dialogue approach in working with alexithymic patients with chronic skin disease”. Although finished in ’98, he will be defending his thesis in 2009. There are several physicians in Moscow who have incorporated this work into their doctoral programs.

Konstantin has translated much of the work into Russian, and also helped to translate during the CFD classes, three of the five modules in OHP, and during the various Life Forces workshops 2001-7 which both Solihin and Alicia Thom have presented in Russia.

Konstantin conducts classes in Moscow.

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