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InnerDialogue Practitioner and Teacher – Russia

Евстафий Валентинович Хизский

Teacher in InnerDialogue using Ontological Kinesiology, and Cranial Fluid Dynamics. Certified in Russia 2015

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Сертифицированный преподаватель Ad Humanitas.  Ученик Тома Солихина, (Solihin Malim Thom, DO, DAc), создателя Онтологической Кинезиологии, с 1998 г. (Сам Том Солихин — ученик Алана Бердалла, создателя Клинической Кинезиологии). 1998–2011 гг. — InnerNatures Integration/Ad Humanitas/Inner Dialogue (U.S.A.), Телесно-ориентированный диалоговый подход. Циклы обучения и переподготовки. Семинары, мастер-классы, экзамены. 1998–2011 гг Клинический психолог, кинезиолог. Многолетний успешный практический опыт.

Konstantin Trifonov,  MD, DAc. MPsy 

InnerDialogue Practitioner and Teacher – Russia

PLEASE NOTE: Konstantin has been teaching InnerDialogue for many years. As with some of our practitioners and teachers, one’s own purpose unfolds during this process. This means that some practitioners begin to teach ‘out-of-the-box’, with their own variation or take; modified by their own experience, understanding or beliefs. Practitioners start to teach their own variant, which is not InnerDialogue per se, but which has been altered. If this is what you want to learn, then please do so, but be warned that this is not what is being taught by our practitioners. InnerDialogue has been formatted and shaped over many, many years (since 1986), to provide a reliable and consistent approach in all circumstances. All practitioners who use this approach, are of course, also able to be creative, think laterally, and use the work to truly elicit a consistent and accurate narrative.

Konstantin Trifonov MD MPsy DAc has been interested in alternative and oriental medicine since he was a student at Sechenov’s Moscow State Medical Academy. During his last two years of school, he studied acupuncture and pulse diagnostics, which allowed him to simultaneously receive both MD and DAc degrees.
After one year of general practitioner residency in the Moscow Clinical Hospital #67, he started his own acupuncture practice. During a visit to the United States in 1996, he met Solihin Thom. Today, the main focus of Konstantin’s work is to bring an understanding of the work of  InnerDialogue to the people of Russia. Konstantin lives and works both in New York City and Moscow.


Konstantin conducts classes in Moscow, Ufa in Russia, and the US.

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