Conception: an easy task for some, fool hardy for others, a mistake often, accidental even, unconscious or intentional.

Conception is the genesis or origination of an idea. Inception is the process whereby the seed of an idea is received. Fertilization infers that the idea bears promise, and united with its opposite, creating life and starts to grow of its own accord. Implantation means the idea took root in the uterus or in the feelings, behaviour or mind, and needs to surrender some of its autonomy to its host – the mother or the soma, or mind. Gestation infers that the original idea (the seed) is evolving along its path which is predetermined. The seed is contained in life (the feminine ova) and together they differentiate to zygote to morula, thence to blastocyst to embryo and ultimately fetus and child.  Birth ensues.

sperm meeting its friend

Boy meets girl

In this journey of ours we will meet many ideas; which carry a force. That is, some mass / energy that has  some weight, and when there is a movement or a vector (as it has both magnitude and direction)  within or from without, transforms the potential into actual energy influencing objects as a force. This is what we know in physics. In a more intuitive explanation such as push and pull (applied vectors) we enlarge the concept into explaining them also as  forces (that create life): hence the Life Forces. We can initially differentiate them as the four fundamental forces: electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear force and gravity. However this doesn’t satisfy the enquiring mind of philosophers and thinkers who have reasoned the idea that there are levels of being that possess a different combination of forces. Hence the idea that the material elements contain a particular frequency or range of vibrational states, but which are not really alive, yet will contain different potentials that may initiate movement (as in decay, or a change of state as in graphite and diamond, or when combined together create another element which transforms into a different compound – gas, liquid or solid.) The next level up would be the vegetal kingdom, which transforms material elements as building blocks into simple or complex life forms, and thus contains mass + energy of the vegetal kingdom. So it goes on, the animal kingdom has mass + life + movement, and the human kingdom the energy of thought, belief, concepts, innovation, language, music etc. The human contains all four energies each a higher octave, for example, than the one below. A hierarchy of energies.

The Chinese differentiated five aspects of qi (chi). These were the various energies or life forces that exist at the vegetal level in the human and provide the wherewithal to adapt, accommodate, protect, nourish and be nurtured by the natural cycles of life:

I.    Material level : Material Qi

II.    Plant kingdom: Material Qi + Living Qi

III.    Animal kingdom: Material Qi + Living Qi + Sensitive Qi

IV.    Human kingdom: Material Qi + Living Qi + Sensitive Qi + Rational Qi

V.    True Human: Material Qi + Living Qi + Sensitive Qi + Rational Qi + Heaven’s Qi

Hindu philosophy also tried to explain the hierarchy of forces when differentiate five pranas or life energies. They were more concerned with the force(s) that kept us animate–material elements within us– rather than alive, which I believe the vegetal life force provides. When you are on your death bed you possess prana but not much qi. When you are dead, you have neither. Prana yoga is primarily about the material body, and the five prana relate to physiological health at a very primary level. I would suggest that prana exists as the energy of the material human, qi (chi) at the level of vegetal-human, power-force at the level of animal-human and thought-force at the level of the mental human organism. The fifth level is the the portal for Higher energies to support and inform us.

In our lives, we will meet seed ideas. These may be from our parents, peers,  cultural environment; these can be called memes. A meme is a cultural gene which is transmitted from person to person, and due to our present level of technology and social media have a very fast inception and gestation. They are ideas, behaviors or styles that are transmitted by non genetic means. (The word memes was coined by the scientist Richard Dawkins.) We may will also meet some sort of push from within, and this epigenesis and consequent inception, implantation and gestation of a vibrational state from deep inside us starts a process whereby some seed, deep inside us has expression.  This may be initiated by something outside of us, triggering off the fertilization process.

A book, or particular written word, a gesture, a smile, abuse, a trauma, a song, a television program, a vista may all initiate the implantation or the watering of  a seed within us. These all possess a force which can touch us. At that moment when we make contact with this force, its conception occurs. It needs to be invited of course, otherwise there is no inception. We need to then allow it to grow and then make a decision to accept it; the process of implantation.

The birth of this idea gives the wherewithal to go on our journey. This might be the wish to learn a specific profession, to pursue a particular sport, to marry a particular person, to go searching for meaning, purpose, love etc.

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