A quality that makes up one of the elements of the Caduceus

In essence this word is code for ‘life’, transformation, creativity and feminine.


Life, as we know it, manifests from the first Principle – the staff.  In life plasticity / new emergent qualities evolves from the Essence within, the First principle. In a human being the central axis may become a primary, unbending, unyielding, rigid and fundamental principle (Fundamentalism) but when we bring life towards us, and allow life to flow from us, encapsulating and embodying the feminine principle, her life-enhancing properties alter the core rigidity. The staff at its most esoteric implication implies the Implicate Reality, the Absolute, around which, as an axis, manifests created reality, the Explicate, evolves. This is symbolic of an emanation model; that infers that life is both descendent (the Inner Life or journey of the soul) and ascendent: the soul’s journey through life into the Explicit Reality.

The snake is used as an archetypal symbol as its nature evokes all sorts of primitive feelings, fears, awe, caution. It is of course prominent in Judeo-Christian thought as Satan or the Foe, the whisperer in Islamic Theology.

We use the non-reactive word flexibility to carry many other words that would act as a sub-text of meaning.  A way of visualizing this word is to conjure up a spiral; both centripetal and centrifugal. The spiral moves, and can elevate or descend dependent on its spin. It has a central axis around which it moves, and this is central to the symbolic representation of the integral axis (the staff) of the caduceus. This keeps the spiral from spinning off, or careering off on its own path. The spiral has both vertical and horizontal dimensions; and so illustrates a dynamic movement which is three dimensional: flat (horizontal expansion), emergent (horizontal and vertical) or descendent (horizontal and gravity). It can be mathematically seen, for example, as the golden mean 1.618, and infers a mathematical certainty under which (much of) nature unfolds.

Sunflower's expression of the spiral

The spiral in nature

Flexibility illustrates nature (the feminine), and transformation. The snake of lore harbors several deep and significant nuances within its form. It is of the earth, is reptilian (primitive), living its life either in dormancy or action, and can be dangerous and unpredictable (death), and yet can heal (snake venom as medicine). It is associated with seduction from the Jewish Torah and Christian readings of the old testament. Its form is lithesome, rhythmic, undulating, captivating and alluring. It can seduce, strangle, tie up, lure, poison.
Flexibility has also connotations of adaptability, plasticity, spring, elongation. Because of its nature being wave-like, we can take the metaphor and think of wave forms, rhythms, particles, flow. At an analogous level we can also extend the metaphor and think of neurotransmitters, chemical pathways, hormonal pathways and receptor sites.
In terms of historical modeling we see this snake (of the caduceus) encapsulating dragons (as prehistoric nuance of addiction – dragon rising, to scorch the earth), Lillith (the archetypal dark feminine), the kundalini (rising reversed fluid drive into the ventricles of the brain), the autonomic nervous system and descending cranial cerebral flow.

Pictures  of snakes

The snake is an archetype and is often characterized either as a pair of snakes–conjuring up the ebb and flow of life, duality, pairs, the binary nature of life: on and off, yin and yang, male and female, right and left brains, heaven and earth etc. At a spiritual or inner understanding the single snake is a portrayal of a singular inner rhythm (the ‘pulse’ of the union with the central Oneness of All) or when paired, illustrates a binary multidimensional life.

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