Qi – in a Rhythm

Qi: in a Rhythm™ – the territory, shape, flow, maintenance and archetypes of qi

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A professional training in a dynamic, revolutionary approach to the meridian system that allows the flow of animating energy known as qi or chi

The system utilizes a process called InnerDialogue – a neurokinetic feedback mechanism combined with mudras, a gesture based language – to augment and facilitate change.

This series, in three parts, explores a process oriented form of neurosomatic feedback to augment the understanding of the disharmony and imbalance of the nature and flow of qi / chi. It also presents a very precise fluid process to get the client to tell their own story: the ontology of the imbalance of the rhythm of qi. The process teaches also how to find the remedying understanding and action which will help reroute, augment and initiate changes in the dynamic of the client’s own rhythm and movement of qi.

This is quite different from classical understanding and yet incorporates the same premises and underlying philosophies, albeit in a language that is more western [ontological] than eastern. The most striking difference is perhaps the onus on a central core or tenet [the human template] that presupposes a sentient and singular Source rather than a Taoist model which places humankind in a balance between earth and the heavens.
Although this balance is absolutely implied and aimed for, there is also a focus on the heavens being the primary force, which creates a hierarchical relationship rather than one that is cyclical or interactive. This alters the essential Taoist model to one that supports chaos and change as the premise of a penetrating Heaven’s qi as the force that opens, scours, widens and changes the internal order. Balance or harmony occurs as a consequence to this contact with the primary force of Heaven.

The territory, shape and movement of qi part 1 of 3

Qi – in a rhythm is a unique synthesis of east meets west. This is an extraordinary new approach using a sophisticated neurokinetic feedback protocol [muscle testing] with a gesture driven language – hand modes, or mudras – called InnerDialogue™. This system will facilitate the return to a vibrant and vital state by understanding the forces and elements, both internal and external, which have contributed to their dysfunction. The work elegantly helps you to hear the client’s story and brings forth their own display of points to facilitate deep and profound changes in the organism using the meridian systems. This ontological approach allows for a far deeper understanding of the complex inter-relationships of the human being and the natural flow of energy within the body and also, as reflected in the model of Chinese Medicine, in the natural world, the ancestors, and the heavens.

This two-day workshop is designed for both absolute beginners in Chinese Medicine and also for practitioners. We will amplify and weave together an introduction to the core concepts of Chinese Medicine with a dynamic model of the Life Forces, augmented by the dialogue system provided by both kinesiology and hand modes. Use of this sophisticated protolanguage will enable precise access to meridians on display, the points that are in dysfunction, and the dialogue or reasons behind it. This in turn will facilitate deep internal change, resumption of a harmonious flow, and improved well being. This workshop will prepare the person for the following two modules which will go much deeper into the work.

The maintenance and flow of qi part 2 of 3

Revolutionize your TCM / acupuncture / acupressure / LMT practice with a cutting-edge protocol that brings meridian theory into the twenty-first century! By combining the time-honored legacy of traditional Chinese medicine with the Human template model developed from Taoist, Hindu, Augustine, Neoplatonic, Qaballah and Islamic mysticism as well as the new paradigm from Quantum physics, allows us to view the dynamic flow and ebb of Qi in a completely new light! Through the use of a non-verbal dialogue using both kinseiology [kinetic feedback] and from a gesture language known as mudras (hand modes) your patients can provide you with precise information about the etiology of their dysfunction, the reasons behind their state, the specific meridians and points that are on display and the management of their needs.

This four day workshop will expand upon the foundations laid in Module One, weaving together expanded core concepts of Chinese Medicine with a much broader palette of hand modes, thereby providing a deep and wide [root and branch] understanding of the factors that influence the flow, balance, and maintenance of Qi. Use of this sophisticated protolanguage will enable precise access to meridians on display, the points that are in dysfunction, and the dialogue or reasons behind it. This in turn will facilitate deep internal change, resumption of a harmonious flow, and improved well being. This workshop will prepare the person for the final module, which will delve into the quintessential elements of archetypes involved in the dynamic of Qi.

The archetypal displays of qi part 3 of 3

Part 3 utilizes the extraordinary flexibility of the work and its inherent dialogue. The innerdialogue™ allows us to look at the archetypal elements that influence the human being; whether elements of the earth [the 5 elements], or of the vegetative kingdom or biosphere – such as the 5 climatic factors or archetypal elements of the animal, human and celestral kingdoms. It allows you, the practitioner, to listen to the underlying patterns of display, and see how the body actually displays the patterns of dysfunction through the meridian system. This part of the work provides you with comprehensive maps of display to facilitate a greater or more immediate therapuetic input when required. It will deepen your knowledge base, allow for a precise diagnostic understanding as to the elements that have disrupted the flow and movement of qi, and will provide a recognition of the movement of pernicious and pathogenic qi into the system, and why each individual’s unique nature, actually demands a precise tailor-made approach rather than a formulaic mode of therapy.

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Jennifer Buys has practiced Chinese Medicine and acupuncture since 1999. She trained primarily at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. where she completed advanced degrees in Acupuncture, Herbology, and Massage Therapy. In addition, she completed an internship in Chinese Medicine at the Chengdu University of Traditional Medicine in Chengdu, China. Two years of travel in Asia allowed her the opportunity to immerse herself in the study of Buddhist meditation, traditional Thai massage, and Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. In addition to specialty certification in cranial and visceral work with The Upledger Institute and Dr. Solihin Thom, she has also completed training in the healing traditions of Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Richard Tan, and Dr. John Thie.Inner Dialogue, the work of Solihin Thom, represents a fundamental backbone of Jennifer’s work, as it has over the years had profound impact on her both personally and in the context of the clients with whom she works. She is certified in all four major modalities of Inner Dialogue, which include Master Practitioner, Qi, Cranial Fluid Dynamics, and Allergy.

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