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InnerDialogue Training encourages students and practitioners to deepen their understanding of the work and carry it into the world

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InnerDialogue teachers are a community of practitioners and lay persons that are engaged in the work as support for their clients, business or personal lives. The community of InnerDialogue teachers are interactive and participatory in the process of developing the work as well the classes.


A skilled practitioner or teacher is often not made but has, contained within them, the blueprint of the teacher in form rather than content: containing the essential qualities that will make them a skilled and inspiring physician and educator.

Pre-requisite: Participants are asked to read Being Human: Exploring the forces that shape us and awaken an inner life – by Solihin and Alicia Thom and Alexandra ter Horst
Their book, is available through this site on line, at Amazon.com or at good bookshops everywhere.

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