Master Practitioner Certification


Basic Requirements: To be certified, you must complete all basic InnerDialogue workshops such as Allergy, Qi, CFD and in addition, at least one workshop in the Being Human Series.

  • Obtain approval of mentor and Ad Humanitas.
  • Provide 25-30 client case studies to be submitted to your mentor.
  • 1 session with your mentor demonstrating each series and one session inclusive of every series being pursued for certification.
  • Receive treatments from a certified practitioner of Ad Humanitas at least 1 x between each workshop of a full series and at least 3 x upon completion of all series. A total of 5x is a requirement.
  • Facilitate or attend study groups in your local area.
  • Attend next scheduled Certification.
  • Perform final exit session on Solihin Thom [if available] or authorized Ad Humanitas teacher certified in the particular series being performed.

Case Study Forms are available as a PDF through the website under “Forms”.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Listing on the Ad Humanitas and InnerDialogue websites
  • Referrals from Ad Humanitas of individuals seeking treatment in your area
  • Invitations to advanced training and continuing education opportunities
  • Prerequisite for teacher training
  • Can facilitate local study groups
  • Part of Ad Humanitas and InnerDialogue community and on-line certified practitioner chat groups
  • May purchase Workshop Materials for updates
  • To be an integral part of the ongoing growth and development of the work

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