Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification Guidelines

Basic Requirement: Must be certified as a Practitioner of InnerDialogue with a minimum of 3 years of practice and must attend class to be taught at least 2 times

Requirements are for each series, i.e Allergy, Qi, and/or CFD.

  • Attend a Being Human/Life Forces Workshop.
  • Assist in the workshop that is being pursued to teach.
  • Perform and receive 4 sessions from a current teacher of the series that is being pursued to teach.
  • Submit essays on the topic(s) they wish to teach.
  • Facilitate a study groups in their area during their training period.
  • Attend Teacher Training Workshops and Meetings.
  • Attend next scheduled Certification.
  • Perform final exit session on Solihin Thom [if available] or authorized Ad Humanitas teacher certified in the particular series being performed.
  • Sign and uphold the Teacher’s agreement.
  • Teach series at least once a year.
  • Participate on the Ad Humanitas Teacher’s facebook.

Benefits of Teacher Certification:

  • Listing on the Ad Humanitas website
  • Referrals from Ad Humanitas of individuals seeking treatment in your area
  • Participation in ongoing mastery level training and international teacher gatherings
  • Administrative/promo support
  • Can facilitate local study groups
  • Part of Ad Humanitas community and on-line certified practitioner chat groups
  • May purchase Workshop Materials for updates
  • To be an integral part of the ongoing growth and development of the work

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