Allergy: from symptom to Source™ Series– ontological kinesiology with mudras

Allergy – from symptom to Source™ Series
The ontology of an itch

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This dynamic series will expand your core understanding of why allergic reactions happen and what that reaction is telling you.

An Ontological Kinesiological process using kinesiology [muscle testing] and mudras [protolanguage] to gain understanding of the elements and forces inherent within us and around us that initiate the psoric patterning behind the allergic process.

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Facilitated By :

Beata Alexander                      Tomas Jones                       Tamara Staudt


Allergy Part 1 [2 days only]
NCBTMB Approved Provider No. 310257-00 [13.5 CEUs]

Allergy Part 2 and 3 [4 days each]
NCBTMB Approved Provider No. 310257-00 [28 CEUs]

Allergy Part 3 of 3: [4 days]
Continuing Education Hours [CEUs]
NCBTMB Approved Provider No. 310257-00 [28 CEUs]

Pre-requisite: Participants are asked to read Being Human: Exploring the forces that shape us and awaken an inner life – by Solihin and Alicia Thom and Alexandra ter Horst
Their book, is available through this site on line, at or at good bookshops everywhere.


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