What We Do

InnerDialogue™ provides support for human development through workshops and practitioners


Our workshops are available to everyone and are utilized in various ways. We do this through face-to-face, hands-on classes and workshops.  Online courses will be offered in the near future (2014).

  • Personal Development toward purpose, identity and value.
  • Group Development for families, immediate and extended as well as past and present. For friends and other social dynamics.
  • Management Development for small and medium-sized businesses, and groups or collectives interested in meaningful resolutions of conflict, increased interpersonal dynamics, and more efficient business organizational development: both secular and spiritual.
  • Practitioner Development for any modality of healing in order to deepen one’s dialogue with clients, partners and colleagues.
  • Practitioner and Teacher training of InnerDialogue for anyone that wants to fully engage in this work – as the purpose of our work is to bring alive inner resources to navigate the human journey.

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