Ontological Kinesiology

Course 2024

An annual residential seminar on InnerDialogue as a complete system. In 2024 it will be taught in Florida. If interested, please let me know as soon as possible as limited space is available. Many of you from 2023 will be coming back.


Local practitioners are internationally qualified to support you on your journey, establishing your unique inner dialogue. Your inner self is waiting to speak and now has a language to articulate what you really need.

The Work

We are careful to use such a glorious title. Forty years of understanding this new language has developed into a “work” of amazing depth. This promotes spiritual, mental, behavioural, physiological and physical well-being.

InnerDialogue developed over 40 years from early work done by Applied Kinesiology and Clinical Kinesiology. Both disciplines used Muscle Testing as a medium to communicate with a patient in a clinical environment.  Kinesiology, apart from its physiological-based medical discipline, has had many iterations, some not surviving over time. Ontological Kinesiology (InnerDialogue created and mentored by Solihin Thom) has become a consistent standard in the field for a fully integrated approach toward a completely congruent Human Being.

Muscle Testing is an accurate and precise feedback mechanism when used with a trained practitioner.  We often use one of the main shoulder muscles (deltoid) to help illustrate clearly how the body’s reflexes act through muscle dynamics. We challenge this particular muscle to see if it is strong or weak or, to use a less technical term, spongy! People mainly illustrate a strong pair of deltoid muscles unless there is a local injury. When a particular reflex on the body, a challenge to their system, or a hand mode or mudra, has a charge, the deltoid illustrates this by changing its state – from strong to weak, weak to strong. Sometimes, the change is very subtle, and practitioners learn to feel the changes, but mostly, the changes are distinct.

Mudras are a protolanguage. That is, higher animal babies instinctively use gesture language to convey information. They are also a lingua franca, a common signing to convey primitive information. Out of these observations, mudras have been developed by various processes in martial arts, Daoist rituals, southern Indian dance, and ritual Javanese dancing. They are used in meditation and also in healing. They have a long history, albeit not understood by modern science.

InnerDialogue is about the growth of this type of language.  Language starts from the most basic essential words, like Ima, Muma, and Mama, and grows outward.  The language from early Kinesiology was centred around mechanics, anatomy, and physiology.  Solihin felt in the beginning that if your issue was in a deeper realm or beyond an “owie”, the language was insufficient. 

This language has grown into a collection of over 1600 Mudras encompassing human subjects such as relationships, the spiritual, myths, djinns, and the myriad of human conditions encountered on your Journey from birth to differentiated Human.  What is remarkable is that over time, the work has transformed into an inner roadmap capable of guiding us through even the most intricate interior spaces.

We have moved away from a “clinical” environment and do not treat you as a patient or teach you to be a therapist.  We respectively call our students practitioners, but if you choose to be trained,  you are to be a partner on an inner Journey there to help someone better understand their state, needs or the road to a better outcome.  A most concise narrative will develop as the “Story”.  This “story” may be simple, profound, deep, or sacred.  The computer and the InnerDialogue database have become our central tools for the flow from sentence to sentence in the narrative.  The computer model has 5000 data records, 1600 associated Mudras, challenges, and 350 Displays, ranging from conception, integrity, field dynamics, obsession, mental states, surrender, flexibility, qi, homœopathic rates, and acupuncture inner modalities to help facilitate change.  The work has grown exponentially, and we can only supply practitioners with the latest updates through the website.

Over the recent years, we have found that the Fibonacci Spiral has taken greater prominence in our Displays and work.  In the past, we had seen that we often recirculate our narratives as if in a circular pattern.  We often see this in ourselves, cycling back, in a rut like an animal, going around in a circle.  We didn’t see the real pattern—for every time we were in this repeated state (read karmic or fate), we could only see what was immediately in front of us or what trailed behind. We didn’t have a perspective on our situation.  We began to see that this new idealised pattern was better illustrated by the Fibonacci Spiral, which always grows wider with understanding and upward towards the beyond.  This structure is akin to nature as it unfolds and is a perfect model for inner growth, starting from nowhere and growing towards infinity.  Many of our new displays on the computer are part of that wider roadmap, winding outward and upward to lead us to better health and understanding.

“Workshops are a collage of work, play, learning, growing, and deep connections”

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