Being Human

Exploring the forces that shape us and awaken an inner life

being human


A human being develops from a natural order: our gestation in the womb mirrors a phylogenetic evolutionary chain– that is identical to the emergent evolution of the kingdoms known as–material, vegetal, animal and human.


We mirror this unfolding as we go through gestation, then emerge into this life as
horizontal creatures, before ultimately climbing out of our helplessness to evolve as
children, teenagers, adults and so on. We both allegorically and literally go through
rites of passage as we are challenged to grow. Inside us of us we have this epigenetic
urge to rise up and emerge into our full potential.

earthsproutThis urge also provides us with resources that can help facilitate an intimate relationship with our inner self. As humans, we are equipped to lead both an inner and outer life. When these two are harmonious, they become one, so that our outer actions, thoughts and feelings are guided by our inner self. This guidance can help us to fulfill our purpose as well as initiate a deep, rich relationship with the Great Life.



All of our workshops have a common purpose–to bring into awareness the existence
of the life forces. All matter contains potential energy. When this matter changes its state, mass becomes energy. This energy becomes a force when it affects us. All of matter and their resultant force originate from the Source – the Divine – and ought to form a hierarchical relationship and order. However, one or more of these forces may, at times, become of “out of order” or dominant. In this situation their force changes our state often detrimentally. When this happens, our lives become disrupted effecting our wellbeing. Aligning ourselves with the Divine, and understanding the relationship of these forces and their actions, allows us to change the direction of our lives.


The participants will start to develop several new skills, or enhance those that they already have acquired. One of the major tools we use in our work process, is a particular constellation work (Human Template Model)  developed by Solihin and Alicia Thom. This is distinct from the similar named, but quite different process, developed by Bert Hellinger in Germany and known now by various names–Systemic constellation, Family constellation (developed out of Hellinger’s particular passion to heal and resolve familial disorder, dysfunction and unfinished business in our family trees etc.) This Systemic work is taught in many parts of the world, whilst our Life Forces and HTM work has been quietly developing so that its clarity and precision can be universal rather than developed into many other systems whose nuance and emphasis becomes the practitioner’s bias rather than the tool used. Solihin and B. Hellinger initially developed their work in parallel but in different countries; the latter in Germany, Solihin mostly in Austria and the UK. Further understanding has developed in the the US and in Russia. Neither of them had any contact or understanding of the each other’s work–as far as Solihin understands. The use of the word ‘constellation’ was used by both, because the elements portrayed constellate around an idea, thought, person, family, situation, function  etc.

In our constellation work we look at the constellation of the human being and the human relationship to its various elements and inherent qualities. In this way the participant begins to recognize the influence of their own elements, and the force that these elements exert upon the person’s state, particularly when those elements are out of order or not used. Furthermore, the participant uses other people in the constellation to represent parts of themselves, but also participates in the constellation themselves. In surrender, the individuals then receive, and are informed by a variety of inputs. These inputs are mostly sensorial, but also body movement, vision or thought. Because of the vagaries and expanse of human thought the emphasis is to wake-up the inner feeling, so that through body somatic feedback we get non-verbal information which is then interpreted by the facilitator. This allows the constellation to be dynamic: in that it reveals a narrative of the actual arrangement of the elements (and their accompanying force and resultant influence) and the positioning, absence or otherwise of the human qualities that co-create harmony, unity and coherence in the organism. The story or narrative unfolds, often revealing stereotypical elements that have captured their humanity, or archetypal elements that have literally become their domain–altering their purpose and higher goals. During the constellation work, the process is referred to as stop-motion, very like an animation, in that we allow the stop–the pause or surrender–to provide the input and reveal new data, and the motion to enact or put into place the new elements of the story through the participant’s feedback or received signal that provides sensorial data that gives us very precise understanding of what the wholle organism needs to communicate.

In this deep reverential and sacred process, the surrender and the consequent dialogue provides the environment for the participant to wake-up faculties within their organism. It provides a venue for them to see and feel the forces in action–forces that may be ancestral, or stored feelings, those that may have taken power and created stereotypical patterns in their behavior, or shrouded them in archetypal patterns which have stopped them from revealing their own true purpose. The continuation of the constellation into relative quietness and fullness–of the moment–or into completion often heralds an internal shift that will then be carried on in their ordinary lives, when they go back into their everyday activities.

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WorkShop Pre-requisite: Participants are asked to read Being Human: Exploring the forces that shape us and awaken an inner life - by Solihin and Alicia Thom and Alexandra ter Horst.

Solihin and Alicia Thom and Alexander ter Horst’s book Being Human: exploring the forces that shape us and awaken an inner life carries a full explanation of the Human Template Model, and was published six years ago, with several reprints over the years. It is available on Amazon or direct from us. NB

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