Being Human – ontology

Being Human: understanding the Forces that shape a human life

being human

This foundational course supports all the work of InnerDialogue for professional therapeutic, business, organizational and lay training.

These basic workshops explore the elements which make up the complete human or the elements which are required to initiate and regulate a functionally complete and dynamic business. Participants are introduced to the  human or organizational qualities which act as resources and bridges for a dynamic evolution in the growth of those entities–individual, family, group, business, organization.
Students of InnerDialogue recognize the interior and outer manifestation of state, dynamics and archetypal patterns that affect growth, development, purpose and destiny. [see more]

Being Human Intro Class [2 day]
NCBTMB Approved Provider No. 310257-00 [13.5 CEUs]

Being Human Workshops [4 days]
NCBTMB Approved Provider No. 310257-00 [28 CEUs]

Book Study Groups

Dates and Times of Workshop TBD. Please refer to our Workshops and Eventsbox at the bottom of every page or contact Diana Bright, Administrative Director.

  • “It was the most profound and universally applicable teaching that I ever attended.”

Erzsebet Pitlu MS, MA

  • “This is the most consistently effective, profoundly transformative work I have encountered in 22 years of service in the healing arts. I enthusiastically recommend it for both personal and professional evolution.”

Rhonda Morando, Portland, OR

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WorkShop Pre-requisite: Participants are asked to read Being Human: Exploring the forces that shape us and awaken an inner life - by Solihin and Alicia Thom and Alexandra ter Horst.

Solihin and Alicia Thom and Alexander ter Horst’s book Being Human: exploring the forces that shape us and awaken an inner life carries a full explanation of the Human Template Model, and was published six years ago, with several reprints over the years. It is available on Amazon or direct from us. NB

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