Cranial Fluid Dynamics™ Series- ontological kinesiology with mudras

Cranial Fluid Dynamics™ Series

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An extraordinary 4 part series of workshops which will reorganize your understanding of what has been termed cranial osteopathy or craniosacral therapy.

This class utilizes the Ontological Kinesiological process through kinesiology [muscle testing] and mudras [protolanguage] to gain understanding of why or what forces internally or externally affect the fluid mechanisms of the body.

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CFD Part 1 [2 days only]
NCBTMB Approved Provider No. 310257-00 [13.5 CEUs]

CFD Part 2 and 3 [4 days each]
NCBTMB Approved Provider No. 310257-00 [28 CEUs]

CFD Part 3 of 3: [4 days]
Continuing Education Hours [CEUs]
NCBTMB Approved Provider No. 310257-00 [28 CEUs]

Pre-requisite: Participants are asked to read Being Human: Exploring the forces that shape us and awaken an inner life – by Solihin and Alicia Thom and Alexandra ter Horst
Their book, is available through this site on line, at or at good bookshops everywhere.

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Workshop Pricing

Facilitated by Syna Horton

Syna currently lives in Ireland. A native of California,and of Greek heritage, she moved with her husband back to his home roots several years ago. Syna has worked professionally in the field of Complementary and Alternative Holistic medicine for 15 years.

Becoming a Master Practitioner of InnerDialogue has opened many pathways, both personally and professionally for her. She has continued to deepen her knowledge and use of Cranial Fluid Dynamics , Qi -in a rhythm and Allergy-from symptom to Source as primary protocols in her practice. She facilitates both adults and children andalso works with family dynamics, guiding her clients and their families towards inner self realization and outer physical resolution, while respecting the individual’s personal spiritual journey.

She currently teaches the Introductory workshop for Cranial Fluid Dynamics™ and assists on the 4-part series.
Her professional experience has branched in to the community development sector where she has lectured community groups on the benefits of natural medicine and personal development for the emerging  community member. She has also spoken before  the newly elected Taoiseach then political leader)  Enda Kenny  on the benefits of Cranial Fluid Dynamics™ in current healthcare .
A former student of the Tai-chi School of Philosophy and Art , Syna teaches Tai-chi in its original form to individuals and groups in Ireland.

Syna travels often to Provence in France during the year. She has developed a reputation for her work in InnerDialogue there, and is available for sessions during her visits.

Syna can be contacted through her contact email: metronomy2 at gmail dot com


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