The array on the left is ‘normal’.

The array on the left is ‘normal’.

We look remarkable similar, all of us, the main characteristic apart from our chromosomal arrays is that we contain blood–which is common to all of us. We basically look similar, apart from our personal and racial physiognomies, and the color of our skin, eyes, and hair. We have a head on top of our neck, the torso is joined to the pelvis, and so on.

However, it is our interior landscape that this little essay pertains to. This is the ontological state in which we find ourselves. The picture on the left of the five arrays assumes all is good; that our head indeed sits on our shoulders, the torso on the pelvis, and to the legs; actually we phrase it slightly differently: The human (top card) is carried by the animal (second from top), which is fed and maintained physiologically (vegetal card, second from bottom) and these elements are contained in a material cacoon, (base card) which is the organism’s inherent strength, constitution, genetic make-up (the material body is a bit like a hard drive also; as we hold data in our tissues, throughout the body)

If you view the other pictures we see that the internal array is mixed up. The second to the left looks fine until you observe that the feelings and instincts have swopped places. The third to the left appears to have shrunk, although physically no such thing has occurred. However within the human frame lives a human whose nature has changed; the human is lost, alone, in the dark, held to the past, and to the mercy of genetics. It possibly means that human is pulled down, to be affected all the time by their history. We could have made a similar picture but placed the material card on top inferring it has taken dominance over everything; this would have a different connotation.

On the second to the right, the person illustrates yet again an undifferentiated state. The feelings, instincts, and human self have an equal say; no one is the master/mistress of the house. The person lives in the realm of the feelings. They are immature; youthful teenagers.

On the far right, the feeling of self has taken precedence; and is in charge of the organism. The human who sits in the vegetal realm is living vicariously through sensation, taste, sensory stimulation, food, and all sorts of things that may nourish but don’t. The feelings are in charge.

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