The human who starts to master their natures and their accompanying forces or passions

Rank and order of a noble human being

Rank and order of a noble human being

The term noble human is a cloak that metaphorically we wear when we have emerged from ordinary life to an exemplary one. It infers rank or station. We see this in our secular world when a university confers the mantle of learning upon the graduate. Each successive graduation earns a new mantle often adorned by different colors or fur to illustrate rank.

We have written about the emanation of human emergence. Our being epigenetically moves us upward (through rites of passage) and ascends through different stations or ranks. Only we normally see our rank as either human or more. Instead, we have cataloged the idea that our emergence as humans goes through four states. The first is that if we were to have taken the form of material humans–the salt of the earth–we need to arise from that state. This is because we may possess a material human soul that inhabits our form. From this initial realm, we may grow through the four elements, beginning to differentiate into the noble human that we ought to be. The ordinary human is endowed with simple honesty, openness, and lightness and is surrendered in essence to a Higher Realty (whatever is conceived) which begins to confer a nobility that starts to envelop and surround our ordinary nature(s).

Emergence from this simple material state, makes us begin again the journey and through trial and tribulation, effort, and patience, emerge into a human whose nature becomes alive (vegetal-human); we start to develop sensibilities, feelings, intuition, and sensitivity. This is the feeling human, who begins to be aware of the unseen; the arrival of an awareness that life is bigger than mere material. This is about being nourished and nurtured, fed and cushioned by life, as well as the feeling within of being pushed by and towards the search to be filled by something greater than mere sensation, food, or pharmacology in its various guises. This person goes through an unfolding of the somatic instrument as a vehicle for experience, an opening of awareness, and sensibility for the planet. There is a nobility at this level of being characterized by gentleness, the ability to give, to turn towards or aside – like the leaf of a tree in the wind or towards the sun.

From this stage the person rises up into the stage of action–the instinctual-human; power, drive, and ambition, and is empowered by the inner capacity to make things work, to drive change, to force the world, and to shape it. This can also be accompanied by noble work, noble stance, and bearing, and may manifest as the warrior archetype, the statesperson, or someone who commands power and force, action and charisma.

From here the human-in-making grows further and starts to harness the intellect; the merging of both left and right hemispheres as a concert of cognitive power, using all the lower elements within as additional informational and wisdom sources; innate, intuitive, and instinctual wisdom. It is here that the power of the emergent human often gets very stuck because the mind and intellect are so seductive and powerful that the human assumes godlike cognition, a huge width of thought, possessor of computing power that is huge. As we grow into this station or inner development a noble bearing is a necessity; an acknowledgement of the limitations of the mind, the understanding that greater forces are at work. A humbleness begins to grow and carry this human. This type of human carries themselves with an inherent dignity and nobility, free of ego.

This stage;  occurs at every level of our human unfolding. The person through their surrender to nature (material world), the unseen (vegetal world), religion (animal world), or spirituality (human world) uses the gateway of the fifth life force as a portal for the arrival of either the mystical and direct action of the Divine or the accompanying Spirit which in Christianity is often called Grace or Holy Spirit, in Islam Ruh kudus and in Judaism as the Ruah ha Chodesh.

It is the descent of these aspects of the Divine spirit that acts as the instrument for the growth of being; the Holy or Divine Force that comforts, holds, guides, and contains information, or, with the penetrating mystical union,  alters the interior state completely.  This fifth level imbues us with nobility. As we grow and develop, this nobility becomes part of our nature, changing our feelings to higher ones, altering our character to better serve us, guiding our personality to be the best, and finding our purpose which is truly Higher and suitable for our soul.

Noble humans, in certain societies, were designated with a title: Baron, Prince, Duchess, Sir, Sheikh, Sidi, and Aziz, which gave the title to the rank the person carried. It is our belief that once upon a time, in certain climes, territories, and kingdoms there were people who truly carried that rank and acted as such. Unfortunately, this was oft-abused, given for the wrong reasons, or simply fell into disuse or dismissed as archaic. However what we do know is that nobility exists in many people; whether poor or untutored, rich or powerful, humble and itinerant, yet who act in a noble way to others. Their quiet demeanour and gentleness carry a noble dignity. Their Presence or spirit imbues whatever they do, say, or think. This nobility lies within reach of all of humankind.

The key to this coming of Grace is surrender. This is not the act of contrition, nor of subordination,  of giving up, laying down your power; but a centred or directed openness to the Great Life and its Light and Surrender to the Divine with its many Names.

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