InnerDialogue™ provides support for human development through workshops and mentorship of practitioners

Our workshops are available to everyone and are utilized in various ways. We do this through face-to-face, hands-on classes, and workshops. In recent years we have concentrated on an Annual Workshop covering the whole length and depth of InnerDialogue and have Qualified and Certified some of our Practitioners to Teach the individual classes.

  • Personal Development toward purpose, identity, and value.

  • Group Development for families, immediate and extended as well as past and present. For friends and other social dynamics.

  • Management Development for small, medium, or large businesses, and groups or collectives interested in meaningful resolutions of conflict, increased interpersonal dynamics, and more efficient business organizational development, in soft skills but also an approach to deepen each participant’s understanding of their own nature, proclivities and habits-enabling them to change (or not!); both secular and spiritual.

  • Practitioner Development for any modality of healing in order to deepen one’s dialogue with clients, partners, and colleagues. These Practitioners are available locally to have client sessions on a one-to-one basis.

The various workshop series that are offered

  • Practitioner and Teacher training of InnerDialogue for anyone who wants to fully engage in this work – as the purpose of our work is to bring alive inner resources to navigate the human journey.

  • Individual sessions for those in need.

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