Ontological Kinesiology with mudras–somatic signals of the Life Forces


This particular workshop aims to increase both understanding and awareness of the  Life Forces as somatic signals that provide for a hidden narrative to be revealed.

We will use an ontological-based constellation process in conjunction with your various toolboxes (ontological kinesiology with a large selection of mudras) to assist, experiment, and develop the art of InnerDialogue to enable a clear, precise and accurate narrative to emerge.
We will particularly concentrate on the development of signals–the inner awareness of the state of the ‘other’ so that we can develop the extra capacity to ‘read’ our clients and hear their deepest needs. We will teach you NOT to hunt, nor to listen, nor to ‘sniff’ out signals but to wait, to be receptive; to allow signals to come to you when necessary.

The purpose of this workshop is to develop your skills as a practitioner by:

  • Expanding your understanding of InnerDialogue
  • deepening your self-knowledge by refining your interior listening
  • developing discrimination as to what needs attending
  • finding new levels of authority
  • finding greater guidance and creativity within


“Wonderful way of helping me to think and understand the work and myself better.Solihin was right on track with conveying the information and controlling the group so that we got the infusion of a tremendous amount of material.

Very fine and Noble work, as always!

Bravo!! Energy, passion, dedication to the work. Thank you for being you, Solihin.”

— Various participants

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