An ontological Being Human workshop staged in another place


As humans, we are equipped to lead both an inner and outer life. When these two are harmonious, they become one, so that our outer actions, thoughts, and feelings are guided by our inner Selves.

This is the essence of being human. In this powerful, experiential workshop we will introduce the Life Forces model that reflects the natural order that we are all a part of, including elements that echo and mirror the material, vegetal, animal, and human realms, our collective evolutionary history, and inherited and familial patterns. When a genetic predisposition, a feeling, a habit, or a belief takes power or influences us, whether positively or negatively, it exerts a force. These forces may support us or disrupt our natural order. We invite you to join us on a profound journey – in a beautiful setting – using the constellation process, and individual and group work to facilitate a wider and deeper understanding of the forces that shape you, and how they can support you in fully emerging as your Self.


There are many ontologies; all are classification systems that describe an ontology–a sequence of references and relationships that describe a process, idea, genus, mathematical or computer science. These classification systems describe the ontology of references that help build a map, model, or understanding of a particular domain. In the metaphysical domain, there exists specific, yet varied classifications that attempt to describe a human. We have melded this old knowledge with our contemporary inner understanding and experiences and created a modern template of a human being. We have taken an understanding that is thousands of years old, and laid upon it a new structure, a new representation, and a new understanding of the emergence of a human into full potential and realization. Our ontological model describes the classification of and emergence of a human through different states of being.

Living in the other

To help people begin to taste the forces, that affect us all the time, albeit we are largely unconscious of them, we take a small party of participants to a foreign country. This helps them to tune into the other ((through material resonances as signals, through the ‘drum’ of the interosseous ligaments between tibia and fibula), and in so doing, these resonances, when amplified, create a counter force against their own biases, beliefs, notions of health, or living, logic, spirituality. This dynamic is when change can occur within the client’s own state of being.

Duration–10 days

The workshops are held over a period of 10 days, and the group moves from several locations over that period. Ample time is given to explore the countryside, towns, or locals that we visit. However the workshop is the focus and so we use the downtime as homework, to augment and initiate internal processes.


“I find this model is the most comprehensive, integrated and complete of all I have studied. The practice/process that brings this model alive is guided with care, love and perseverance. Life patterns that have become limiting or destructive become recognized and surrendered with support and guidance allowing the growth of the new. The changes are deep and resonant.”

— Peggy Smith, PT

“This workshop has facilitated in me a process of re-connecting to the very essence and essences of who I am and what it means to be a human being. Thank you and God Bless”

— Angie O’Ruarke, UK

“The process of carefully guided self-exploration has given me a way of understanding myself as a truly integrated being. (Eleven years of psychoanalysis did not give me this sense of integration). I know of no other model of human experience (and the human condition) that embodies what it is to be human in all its variations and nuance. The process of exploring this model with the Thoms brought me home to myself in a way I have never previously experienced. A deeply wise approach that integrates body, mind, soul and spirit.”

— Robert Perry, USA

“Solihin and Alicia are superb at facilitating this amazingly grounded, creative process into knowing who you are, why you are here and where you are headed, in relationship to yourself and your life. And it is always with a truly great group of people that we get to discover these gems about ourselves!”

— Anita Soos, CT

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