The territory, shape, flow, maintenance, and archetypes of Qi


A 3-part series of workshops:

Utilizing an ontological approach with both kinesiology and mudras, you will be able to:

  • Expand and clarify your visual and pulse diagnosis.

  • Further your insights into Ko and Shen cycles and five-element dynamics.

  • Reveal the link between extraordinary meridians and ancestral patterns of disharmony.

  • Locate the patient’s unique “display” that will alter the archetypal patterns of yin and yang, undynamic divisible qi and pernicious qi.

  • Foster lasting resolution of patient dysfunction.

Qi Part 1 of 3: [2 days only]
Qi Part 2 of 3: [4 days]
Qi Part 3 of 3: [4 days]

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