Sacred Woman–an ontological workshop for women

Facilitated by Alicia Thom

Alicia Thom

Alicia Thom

In our culture, there is very little acknowledgement or recognition of women as sacred; worthy of or regarded with reverence and awe, even by ourselves.

Women as  sacred 

Women as sacred

In this workshop we will be making an inner pilgrimage; a journey to a sacred place.
On this journey, we will be exploring what it means to each of us to be a woman within the context of what is known as the life forces. These forces, which exist both within us in our genetic coding, our feelings, actions, and beliefs, and around us in the everyday world, act as our servants, facilitating us in our lives. Often, however, we are unaware of how they affect us. Through group discussion and individual exercises, this workshop will enable us to share our experiences about what qualities we have brought from our culture, our ancestry, and our genetic coding.

We will explore our feelings about being a woman, and whether those feelings uplift us or hold us where we are in our lives. We will discuss our relationships as women with our partners, our families, and our friends, and see what is needed to expand our view of ourselves and the world. Through the willingness to look within, and surrender to the Creator, we will begin to touch the essence and sacredness of ourselves as women; and what that means to each one of us in our own unique lives.

“How exciting for the first time to truly feel alive as a woman. This workshop has opened a door of resources for me within myself. I can now pull from inner strength and wisdom that has always been available but I never knew where to find.”

— Cheri Denise Brown, OR

“It opened my heart, brought out the best, truest me, empowered my female self and helped me move forward in the world and myself. A Powerful, Effective, Real, Important, Sacred Experience.”

— Hadijah Gregory, WA

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— Claire C.

“I was able to learn about myself in a very supportive and insightful group where we could share our uniqueness and common threads.”

— Kimberley Pieslak, OR

“This turned out to be something I have needed all of my life the missing piece has now been found. I feel whole and complete now I can go forward with much more confidence in my work as an artist and as a chaplain. I am immensely grateful to you, Alicia, for bringing this to so many women in the world.”

— Ann Holland, OR

Pre-requisite: Participants are asked to read Being Human – Exploring the Forces that Shape Us and Awaken an Inner Life – by Solihin and Alicia Thom and Alexandra ter Horst
This book, is available through this site online, at, or at good bookshops everywhere.

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