“This is a post on FB that I wrote in response to changing our diet to an alkaline one, due to the change of our diets over the last hundred years or so. The increase of cancer has or may be caused by our cellular environment causing epigenetic changes.”

My considered reply might now be:

Yes, I think there is truth to this. However, the amount of chemicals that pollute our biochemical environment are also some of the triggers, as well as an acid medium. Our sea is beginning to be acidic, which bodes disaster for us all. A fundamental adaptive change to our marine habitats and life as this eco-environment changes we too, will have to adapt quickly. In my clinical research over years of patient practice, the psychosomatic influence is probably a greater epigenetic switch than our cellular environment from the foods we eat! (I am putting myself out on a limb here!) Our minds, through neurological feedback also change the internal environment, just as the collective unconscious imprints and impresses its force upon us. We are psychologically impressed upon from the outside, this changes our psyche, our thoughts, habits, feelings and thus cellular environment. The thoughts themselves are corrosive (acidic).

My feeling is that we, in the affluent West, are so empty–as containers–that we seek to lift ourselves spiritually from a deadish (materialism) state to more of an ‘alive’ state. So we try to upgrade our being through the next higher kingdom–the vegetal or plant kingdom. This secondary vegetal force lifts and supports us from the inanimate (unless we look at the atomic or quanta level) material kingdom–from the pursuit of the American dream that all of us our materially catered for (Maslov’s pyramid) to a consciousness of personal ecology, sifting the pure from the impure (food and nutrition ecology). This is an evolutionary rise in spiritual consciousness, but we should be better served to note that the plant kingdom cannot in itself catalyse a shift to higher consciousness because the plant itself doesn’t possess any other force within, other than material (mass, matter, elements) and life (vegetative, plant physiology) –there is no animal nor human nor spiritual life force present and therefor none of these attributes. So we must, in our ecology, also be aware of our mental (human) state; how our thoughts contribute to an acidic environment, and how external commercial forces mediate/influence our own thoughts. In a similar vein, we must activate our own animal nature, and character, and train this to break habits, neural patterns, and behaviours. In this way, we implement the full array of our natural resources to switch on (epigenesis) good genes and switch off those that create pathology.

As Dr Lipton says, and certainly in my own work, InnerDialogue, we have found that the cellular environment is mediated / coloured / altered by what it contains ( the ‘ash’ of food) or the fields (of thought) that surround it.

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