Surrender is the key process in all of the work that we do. It presupposes all the five elements, as above, to be included in the whole qualitative experience and action that is surrender. It is the primary process that guides, unravels, downloads, and heals. In this respect, we introduce the idea that surrender, by and large, is implicit in all of the great religions, as it presupposes that there is, a  Higher or Ultimate Force that underpins all of existence. We use the term The Great Life Force because it contains no religious identification. It is simply that there is One Reality, that we are all part of ‘it'(existence), and that this Force penetrates all of matter. This is the Implicate Reality or Mind of God postulated by the quantum physicist David Bohm, which neatly sidetracks us off the religious (which names the Deity and puts tribal emphasis on the god–‘ my God is better than your god’and into the spiritual. The Implicate has all that there is, enfolded within itself, and the Explicate Reality is what unfolds –this is the creative aspect, that we call life. The pole or axis (Qutub) is symbolized by the governing, centrally-placed core that we call integrity, and the spiral that unfolds is represented by the symbol of the snake.

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To help us surrender we have introduced a hierarchical neurological descending process to aid in the physical act of surrender. Each word has a particular nuance that predisposes us to precise neurophysiological processes; in which the end result is silence; where we are one with the One.

Submission infers a prostration, a complete acknowledgement of a Higher Reality, and that the person is completely submitted to the Greater Will. This is a conceptual moment because until one experiences this, the ontological moment will not occur, and thus it is done with the acceptance that when it happens, we will be. We submit through a noble ideal.

Surrender or Mindfulness is about having an open, wide, clear, non-busy mind. Our monkey mind –the chatter–is let go, surrendered. We have an open noosphere–our mind stretches wide and open into our personal consciousness and allowed to be open. (We have, however, submitted the Greater Will which puts direction and intention into our openness, so that we do not surrender to the all but to the One.

Pause is when we metaphorically go back on our heels as if pulling on the reins of our reflexive mind. Our mind is predisposed to run, react, and go into gear at the slightest input. It is primarily reflexive rather than reflective as we are constantly reactive due to old survival mechanisms built into us. We have to pull the reins each time we start to add more words to our minds which should be open and wide. We stop the monkey mind by being masters of this amygdala-driven, reactive brain.

Quiet infers that we have become balanced in our minds, in breathing, posture, and in our interior feelings and emotions–our physiology is at ease, and our sympathetic-parasympathetic axis has become still. There is a quietness within our body, little input, no output or reaction. We are balanced and still.

Silence is when we drop into the zone, we are in and of the Silence. We are part of the One. In this place, we can be shown, guided, and healed. This is when we are part of the Implicate.

This process can be ‘done’ at any time, it does not need us to sit on the floor, cross-legged, or to do some walk through a labyrinth, or sit in a church or mosque. It is a state of being which can be learned and acted upon in your daily life.

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