This will be held over Zoom.

Facilitated by Solihin Thom, Developer of InnerDialogue and BHTemplate

2 hours / weekly /8 weeks –$350

NB 20:00 Turkey, 20:00 Moscow, Russia (Ufa may be different), 19:00 Spain, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York,  10:00 Portland.

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This Constellation class will introduce the Being Human Template for constellation facilitation. This is for students to learn how to ‘do’ Being Human constellations; so it is personal for sure, but also gives you, the participants, the skill to put this work out into the world.

The constellation process can be done: one-on-one, or in a group of 4, 5. 9,10, or more. The process ‘constellates’ a single person, a situation, a question, a philosophical idea. There are a number of different constellations that we have taught, having had seven very, very intense years in Russia doing them almost every day! But also developing our understanding since 1987 when Francois and I and then Alicia started to put them on.

You’ll learn history, the ‘players’ in this ontological process – the inner natures within our being, and their disarray, and how we facilitate people to understand the whys and wherefore, but also the resolution. It’s a really unique opportunity for people to really get to grips with the model of the life forces, our ontological paradigm within it, and the human and spiritual virtues that are part-and-parcel to the understanding, diagnosis, and resolution of state. Each constellation helps to reveal the inner state of the human. The why, or how, and what to do about it. It doesn’t force, or cajole, but is a gentle and humane process. The process helps to reveal the state and resolution. People occupy each station’s nature within the realm of the human. Surrender reveals the information and helps us to see what the internal state is about, and ultimately the resolution based on the ‘display’ of the constellation.

NB It’s happening on Zoom over a small time slot of 2 hours every week for 8 weeks.

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