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Beata Alexander, PT, PC,

InnerDialogue Practitioner and Senior Teacher – Portland, Oregon

Beata Alexander

Beata Alexander

I have practiced physical therapy since 1982. My first job as a physical therapist was in a refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodian border where I was exposed to the tragedies of war and at the same time the strength of the human spirit to endure such hardship. I was also introduced at that time to traditional alternative medicine. I became involved with Adhumanitas in 1995 taking classes in Cranial Fluid Dynamics, The Life Forces, and Inner Dialogue Kinesiology. I was taking these classes for professional growth as well as searching to heal parts of myself and to grow as a human being. I took to this work like a fish to water and have been using it ever since for myself and my clients.
In 1997, I began assisting Solihin Thom, DO in workshops on the topics of Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Acupuncture/Qi, Allergies, and Kinesiology. At the same time, I began teaching introduction workshops to the personal growth series of Being Human: Life Forces and Kinesiology. In 2009, I began teaching the full series of Cranial Workshops with my colleague and friend Tomas Jones. Recently, my husband Michael and I also taught our first workshop together on Being Human, a personal growth workshop, that we have held in our home. We are excited to do more.
My private practice is located in Anisha, A Center for Holistic Health on Hawthorne, in southeast Portland, Oregon. I accept insurance and Medicare clients.

Janice Blumer, D.O.,

Practitioner of InnerDialogue and Associate Teacher – Corvallis, Oregon


Janice Upton Blumer D.O. has practiced osteopathic medicine for over 20 years. A certified instructor of InnerDialogue, she has been involved in the InnerDialogue community for the last 7 years both as a student and an instructor. She currently teaches osteopathic medicine and practices osteopathic manipulation in the Mid -Willamette Valley. She finds InnerDialogue can help augment treatment and help find inner wisdom no matter what type of practice you are engaged in. Married with 3 grown children, she and her husband enjoy cooking and travel in their spare time.

Jennifer Buys, LAc, LMT,

Practitioner of InnerDialogue and Senior Teacher – Corvallis, Oregon


Jennifer Buys has practiced Chinese Medicine and acupuncture since 1999. She trained primarily at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. where she completed advanced degrees in Acupuncture, Herbology, and Massage Therapy. In addition, she completed an internship in Chinese Medicine at the Chengdu University of Traditional Medicine in Chengdu, China. Two years of travel in Asia allowed her the opportunity to immerse herself in the study of Buddhist meditation, traditional Thai massage, and Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. In addition to specialty certification in cranial and visceral work with The Upledger Institute and Dr. Solihin Thom, she has also completed training in the healing traditions of Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Richard Tan, and Dr. John Thie.

Inner Dialogue, the work of Solihin Thom, represents a fundamental backbone of Jennifer’s work, as it has over the years had a profound impact on her both personally and in the context of the clients with whom she works. She is certified in all four major modalities of Inner Dialogue, which include Master Practitioner, Qi, Cranial Fluid Dynamics, and Allergy-from symptom to Source.

Kelly Le Fave, LMT,

Practitioner of InnerDialogue and Associate Teacher – Portland, Oregon


Kelly LeFave has been an educator and teacher of writing and language at the college level for 20 years. She has published a book of poetry as well as works of educational theory. Her formal education includes a BA in English, an MA in English Language and Literature, and an MFA in Poetry. She completed the LMT program at the Oregon School of Massage. She has studied InnerDialogue under Solihin Thom in the areas of Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Allergy, and Qi.

Kelly writes, “I encountered InnerDialogue as a client at a time when my body and spirit needed much support and healing. I was immediately drawn to the way this work brings language into connection with the body; it touched my spirit deeply and the healing and guidance it offered, as I began to develop more awareness of an inner life and the interplay of life forces within me, fed my longing for a deeper experience of self and well-being. I can now share this work with others as a practitioner; it is work of intelligence and heart, humility and grace.”

Kelly practices InnerDialogue in Portland, Oregon

Robin Johnston

Practitioner and teacher of Human Template Model Constellations and practitioner of InnerDialogue – Oregon

Robin Johnston

Robin Johnston

In 2005 Robin rediscovered an empathic ability to heal. She worked with other healers to hone her skills. With a desire to share her gift, she began her practice in 2006. As her relationship with her practice deepened, she discovered InnerDialogue™ and the Human Template Model, the work of Solihin and Alicia Thom. Devouring every available class on the subject, she became a certified practitioner in 2007.

Robin is also an artist. Through her art, she explores her subconscious and allows others to witness her journey into her true humanity, as each of her practices allows her to witness the people she works with. Helping them find their way toward becoming the best versions of themselves.

Robin uses InnerDialogue with clients in Oregon, as well as Constellation work using our Human Template Model.

Tomas Jones

Practitioner of InnerDialogue and Senior Teacher – Montana


I have been interested in health, since a young age. In my teens, my father’s Chiropractor trained me to do ‘maintenance adjustments’ on my dad. Following that, my education included workshops in Shiatsu, Homeopathy, Qi Gong, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch. I began Acupuncture School in 1990. In 1991, I took my first Cranial Fluid Dynamics course from Solihin Thom DO. A few months Later I attended my first ‘Being Human’ series.

In the spring of 1992, I apprenticed with Solihin Thom. I traded my abilities (computer, audio, video, desktop publishing), for workshop attendance and shadowing his practice. In 1994, I became the first U.S. certified instructor. Over the years, I have assisted in (repeatedly), or taught, nearly all offerings in the AdHumanitas catalog. I am currently certified in the following: Being Human, Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Qi – in a Rhythm, Allergy-from symptom to Source, and InnerListening. I have used this work in other areas. For five years, I contracted to a Drug/Alcohol Rehab Center. I also worked in a Psychiatric practice. That position helped me land many referrals for local M.D.s. In addition, I am trained and certified in Mediation, Arbitration, and Consensus Decision Processes.

It has been a profound and humbling pleasure to assist clients and to teach this work. While I may have a good knowledge of the mechanics of this work, it is my love of the work and my passion for teaching that motivates me. ”

David Isa Rosas,  MT,

Practitioner of InnerDialogue and Teacher of InnerDialogue and CFD intros – Miami, Florida


David writes: “I have been a Manual Therapist and Holistic Consultant for over 20 years. My purpose presented itself in 1985, in New York City, when I was in Junior High school. Each day, when I sat at a table after eating lunch, I found myself counseling individuals solely from my intuition. Years later, I decided to pursue my innate skills more professionally. In 1995, I graduated from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC, trained in Massage Therapy, and Asian Healing Arts.

In 1996, I continued training with the leading experts in the field of Osteopathic Manual Therapy – Dr. Sharon Weiselfish in Integrative Manual Therapy, Dr. Dallas Hancock in Craniostructural Therapy, Dr. Bruno Chikly in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and Craniosacral Therapy from Upledger. Later I got into the field of Neuro-psycho-immunology, and Psychosynthesis yet there was always something clinically missing – the ultimate human question – why do we truly fall ill or suffer?

In 1998 through fortunate circumstances, I met Solihin Thom DO at his lecture in Connecticut. Throughout the lecture, Solihin touched upon all the dynamics I’ve seen in life and quenched my thirst with the answers I was looking for in my practice. Intrigued by his philosophy of ontology, and unique therapeutic modalities, I immediately began immersing myself in his curriculum of Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Qi – in a Rhythm, Allergy–from symptom to Source, Myths and Archetypes, within the structure of  Ontological Kinesiology. These areas of study also provided me the tools to heal myself and understand how to develop as a wholesome human being.

Currently, I work as a full-time practitioner of InnerDialogue, offering consultations. This has been such a profound precious privilege, witnessing people on their inner journeys towards healing and human emergence. My private practice is located in Florida; where I live with my family. I also travel to NYC, and abroad sharing this life-changing work with the world through teaching InnerDialogue and Cranial Fluid Dynamics introductory classes and offering group educational events.”

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