An ontological psychosomatic dialogue

The work of InnerDialogue allows language to be distilled into the essence of different disciplines, models, and processes. Thus, all distillations are in essence, a language whose ontological duty is not only to define: “what is”, but also to determine what is missing, absent, or yet unrealized.

Psychosomatic listening

This work is taught over sixteen days, as two-day workshops at 8 monthly intervals.  These monthly workshops, allow the candidate to use each module prior to the next, to gain experience, and precision in its use, and to underline areas as yet understood.

The task of the workshop.

  • To understand dialogue in its true ontological sense.
  • To understand the ontological development of a human
  • To be able to conduct dialogue with a client
  • To master kinesiology so it becomes a tool for the client for communication and not error.
  • To understand the role of an editor, guide, and facilitator.
  • To understand mudras as a language, which can be used as a nonverbal form of communication.
  • To understand the narrative, or client’s story
  • To facilitate change by managing your client’s own capacity to heal and resolve issues in a non-classical therapeutic way.

The workshop

Weeks 1-8

The first several weeks will introduce the candidates to a spiritual paradigm that will help to organize and understand the work. This life force model is an ontologically correct hypostasis, which has its origins in Aristotelean and Platonic inquiry or thought and has developed over the subsequent millennia through Advaita, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and other Orthodoxies as well as contemporary philosophers in the present century.

You will learn kinesiology or muscle testing as a mode of inquiry; and its pitfalls, idiosyncrasies, fallacies, and strengths. You will be learning to develop a relationship with the musculature of another so that this form of inquiry and query will be refined, accurate, and intimate.

You will be introduced from the first day to mudras or a somatosensory form of communication and language, which, coupled with ontological kinesiology become a formidable tool or ally in the maintenance of a Bohmian dialogue.

Over the proceeding weeks, you will use ontological kinesiology to help edit, monitor, shape, and guide the narrative, or dialogue from your client. Through the practice of introducing inquiry through mudras, and the judicious moments of silence, quiet, pause, mindfulness, and surrender,  you will develop the art and science of dialogue, so that the narrative that arises is appropriate, true, and directed. The use of modes will help to give understanding, guidance, and also, more profoundly, the unexpected.

You will learn to help clients use specific neurological fulcra to engage and resolve these old, outdated, repetitive narratives. This involves developing an understanding of mindfulness through a state of surrender, and the use of specific neurological fulcra to help the client shift state, move from, or clear the force that locks them into the dichotomy of state.

Ultimately, on completion, you will possess a sophisticated palate of mudras or modes that will act as the monitor, guide, editor, and tool of alignment to help shape an ontological dialogue or statement from your client. This will enable them to fully understand their own situation or state, and you will give them the mindfulness tools to help them change or resolve the old pattern.

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