InnerDialogue is taught through an understanding of Ontology, kinesiology, and mudras (hand modes) and a thorough awareness of the forces within and around us.

InnerDialogue is inclusive of two forms of the work:

  • The study of Ontology in different aspects of our lives through discussion, workbooks, the practice of surrender, and HTM constellation groups.

  • The study of Ontological Kinesiology: the neurophysiological understanding of muscle function in relation to body feedback. This practice is accompanied by hand modes, or mudras [a protolanguage] as well as body and other challenges to the somatosensory cortex.

Workshops are for anyone interested in personal and group development, business management development, teacher and practitioner development through ontology, the study of being.

NOTE: It should be emphasized that learning InnerDialogue is not dependent upon previous knowledge of any type of therapeutic training.

The workshops are divided into two types: InnerDialogue (the art and science of an ontological approach to wellbeing) and Being Human (the experiential constellation process to reveal a person’s state and its resolution).

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