Location :

This will be a 20-day workshop to be held either in Kalkan, Turkey, Los Angeles, US, or Dominical, Costa Rica. It will be held in late autumn 2024 (Dates TBA)

[NB We ask you to come at least 1 day prior to the commencement of the workshop.]

Premise :

  • The underlying premise is to allow the primary narrative, carried by a human, to be revealed in the unified field. The narrative is held in a field and being active, has a force.

  • The culmination of a session is either that the narrative is displayed and the knowing of it, will change the dynamics, or the person’s body tells the facilitator in which way, method, or technique would facilitate change. In many situations, the facilitator will hold the narrative to allow for the fluid matrix to unravel the dysfunction. The body reorganizes around its essence rather than the narrative.

InnerDialogue :

I will introduce the work on day 1 and culminate in day 20 with all students fully conversant in utilizing the whole of the Dbase, the multiple hand modes(±1600), the body mudras or challenges (±200), the images and archetypal patterns (±600). This is to ensure that the deep underlying narratives that a client/participant carries, are fully understood by both practitioners and more importantly, the client. Whilst the actual process of the dialogue facilitates changes, other processes will be introduced and taught to augment, simplify, and catalyze changes within the client.

The workshop is broken into 5-day modules; with ample time to re-group, time off, swim in the pool(s) or sea, hike, visit, eat out, and enjoy the beautiful part of Turkey, Los Angeles, or Dominical. We will be arranging group visits to various sites or areas, and you can book taxis or hire cars if you need more freedom!

Contact me if you are at all interested. I will send regular updates.


Day 20-15

  • Introduction to the ontological paradigm of health; the Human Template model (HTM) and the premise behind InnerDialogue.

  • The goal, outcome, and purpose of the ‘work’ is to facilitate a human to be a Vessel.

    • Introduction to the 4 ordinary life forces, a fifth that opens us to a higher two, that guide and govern us spiritually. We will utilize this understanding to experientially taste and understand them, throughout the workshop.

      • These forces include ancestral, constitutional, fields, sources and origins of power, human beliefs, ideas, memes, concepts, spiritual overlays, and akashic nuances as well as allies and those we might infer as ‘ghosts’ (in the machine).

    • Introduction to our (modified) Caduceus, the original symbol of medicine, that underlies the notion of the whole of the work, through a left brain map.

    • Introduction to the 5 Hearts, which underlies the notion of the whole of the work, through a right brain paradigm.


  • Introduction, and practice of an ontological kinesiological approach to InnerDialogue.

  • The vagaries, pitfalls, and inherent survival tactics of the reflexive muscular system in kinesiology, and its inherent flaws and misreads.

    Entry into conversation

  • Introduction to entry; the initial engagement with the client and their immediate display and its meaning.

  • The understanding of the display; what is ‘normal’ and what is not – and their meaning.

  • The use of surrender (Being, mindfulness, pause, quiet, and silence) acts as the synergistic and ameliorating force in engagement with the client. Surrender and its functional possibilities.

    The dBase

  • The introductory process that initiates pathways of exploration for narrative building.

  • Narrative, story, and editing.

Day 15-10

Differentiation of the human

  • The differentiation of a human being; its states and understanding of its meaning.

  • We differentiate again and again throughout our lives. It starts from being a helpless child, which then differentiates into a toddler, child, teenager, or adult. However, we can also differentiate internally, in our inner life and soul. This is true differentiation rather than simply changing through education, practice, and learning.


  • The purpose behind ‘signals’ – the implementation, meaning, and importance: developing the capacity to become aware of an innocent receptivity to the other, and their hidden broadcast. Awakening the capacity to sense and derive important clues to state and their narrative. The use of the dBase to find their meaning, and the mudras associated.

    The realms and their respective life forces

    • The (further) introduction of Prana and its particular language as a basic material life force brings and keeps us alive.

    • The (further) introduction of Qi and its particular language as an energetic vegetal life force that animates the human being.

    • The (further) introduction of power, magic, and the animistic life force as a manipulating, interfering, dangerous yet essential element within the human being.

    • The (further) introduction of the human life force as an equalizing, dialogue-centered, creative force and their respective mudras.

    • The (further) introduction of the noble human life force as an archetypal, harmonizing, reorganizing, mastering element and their respective mudras.

  • The allies –archetypal energetic elements that are normally unseen, and operate in the lower kingdoms. They facilitate, enhance, and enliven our capacity as humans when embodied. They are essential components of our outer and inner neurological development. When external they illustrate that we have not incorporated these essential capacities into our consciousness as being.

    • Epigenesis –introduction to the unseen elemental kingdom of the ally called the djinn – jinn -genie – genome – gene – genius. How these fiery elements initiate (activator) or suppress (suppressor) gene activity. The understanding of how to nurture the internal and external environment to augment their action – when applicable.

  • The application of Cranial Fluid Dynamics as a ‘helper’ process in sealing, making ease, moving forward the narrative outcome. This will be taught from the beginning to the end of the workshop; utilizing some central principles, mudras, and understanding to augment the crystallization of the narrative’s outcome.

    (See other articles re: CFD intro, an unexpected life, 5-part series, CFD and consciousness)

  • Ancestral patterns, unfinished business, patterns, and code that affect our being, mind, behavior, feelings, and body.

Day 10-5


  • Past lives, conception, uterine development, birth, personal history, present, future; a singularity.

  • The opportunity to use mudras to navigate time in its various states.

    The Unseen worlds

  • Allies, myths, fables, fairy stories, and elements of the earth as archetypal elements and their attendant force that augment human life, but may also thwart the full development and evolution of consciousness.

  • Miasmic patterns permeate our lineages; and Psora is the principal player in our social development, well-being, and interior and inner development.

  • Allergy is the primary irritant in each human – and it’s signature outcome (what does it broadcast and what is the message?).

  • Embracing the notion of the Vessel as the intended outcome in ourselves, but more particularly within our clients.

Day 5-0


  • Differentiation of the past, present, and future as a singular entity.

  • Singularity; fate and destiny as a duality; presence as the ultimate mode.

  • Pulling it all together – entry, narrative development, and the therapeutic process by holding the fluid, or initiating flow (qi), emotional processing, gait retraining, re-ordering mental algorithms, quietness, being, asking for Help.

“As above, so below”

  • The above content will be altered, re-arranged, added, or parts removed prior to and during the workshop as we see the needs of the students.

  • The listing is not prioritized because this is a work in progress in terms of what, and how it will be taught. The entire work is normally taught in a modular form of four or five workshops per subject, or several or singular workshops for some aspects of the work.

  • There will be students who have practiced for years and new ones where this is an entirely new subject. I’ll be asking all of you to be mindful that you are being taught thirty-seven years of experiential and clinical work in twenty days. Even though some of you will know the work well, you, like me, develop patterns of how you work. This workshop is designed to change the model so that the narrative is the clients and not ours, that is being written.

  • The work has moved on from a modular design-led narrative viz: CFD or Qi, where the narrative or story was described in a singular language (of cranial, of allergy, of myths, of djinn)

  • The workshop time will be interspersed by downtime. There will be mornings and afternoons where the community will have free time–within which we will go on organized trips to fantastic ruins, beaches, boat trips, hikes, and on the final evening a great dinner and party.

  • There will be a banquet at the end of the workshop for all participants.

InnerDialogue Workshop late 2024

The whole of the body of work known as InnerDialogue

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