InnerDialogue.fmp12 Upgrade V23_11


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This is the latest Database with many fixes and changes which includes these and many other features.

English / Russian Language Selection adding:

  • Russian includes Russian Titles on most of the Displays
  • Russian Labels on the Spiral Icons and others through the DataBase
  • A new slider on the description on the Utilities Page to show Russian Translations of the Records.
  • The use of MyMemos to store Russian Translation, Official, and personal information you want to show.  (It can be used for personal English notes as well).
  • The expansion of the LayoutFind to use Alias and a true find.   Typing “Cha” will bring up a chooser for you to select “inner or outer Chakras”.  This works in both Russian and English.

General New Features:

  • Accumulated fixes of Links and Mudra Linking bugs.
  • Many new Displays
  • Organization of the Qi Displays and information on Qi
  • Changing arrow navigation to sliders for most Displays
  • Client completely simplified and improved
  • Records in the DB cleaned and clarified
  • English Notes were added to many Mudras for explanation
  • Glossary was cleaned, expanded, and improved
  • RateBook minor bug fixes
  • A new simple description added to the Utilities Page
  • New section on Inner Ttt added
  • Restructuring of Qi, into the Language of Qi, TTT
  • New Slider Display of Neurology, organised and complete
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes





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