(picture taken in Kalkan Turkey at the 2023 InnerDialogue Workshop)


This will be a 20-day workshop to be held in Florida, US.

June 16th – July 6th 2024 (end of the day)

This will be proceeded by a 7-day workshop (with Sunday off) for practitioners who have attended the previous 20-day workshop.

June 11th – 18th 2024

Hampton Inn, 13801 US Highway, 1 Juno Beach, Florida 33408


InnerDialogue Workshop 2024

The whole body of work known as InnerDialogue is taught in a “retreat” environment of like-minded Practitioners.

(No prior experience with InnerDialogue is required.)

$700 for first 7 days intensive (includes 2 days of beginning of the 20 day)
$4000 for 20 day
$2000 for 20 day retake (previous students of Turkish workshop)

Contact US about availability.
We accept paypal payment to PayPal.me/solihinT

Cost of hotel separate ( includes breakfast)
Available will be a PDF of all the modes
Available and included is latest version of FileMaker DBase (the actual FMPro application which you will have to buy; if you have an iPad the FMPro app for iOS is considerably cheaper ($39).
The dBase contains all the data in about 4500 pages.

Hotel – to reserve a room – double or single occupancy

  • The underlying premise is to allow the primary narrative, carried by a human, to be revealed in the unified field. The narrative is held in a field, within or around the person, and being active has a force.
  • A force is the energy that holds the person in that narrative, altering structure, function, behaviour and mind.
  • The culmination of a session is either that the narrative is displayed and the knowing of it will change the dynamics, and/or the person’s body tells the facilitator in which way, method, or technique would facilitate change. In many situations, the facilitator will hold the narrative, allowing the fluid matrix to unravel the dysfunction. The body reorganizes around its essence rather than the narrative.


The work will be introduced on day 1 and culminates on day 20 with all students fully conversant in utilizing the whole of the Dbase, the multiple hand modes(±1600), the body mudras or challenges (±200), the images and archetypal patterns (±600). This ensures that the deep underlying narratives that a client/participant carries are fully understood by both practitioners and, more importantly, the client. Whilst the actual process of the dialogue facilitates changes, other techniques will be introduced and taught to augment, simplify, and catalyze changes within the client.

The workshop is broken into 5-day modules, with time to re-group, take time off, swim in the pool(s) or sea, hike, visit, eat out, and enjoy the delights of Florida.

Contact me if you are interested. I will send regular updates.

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