An introduction to the broadcast of client signals. Understanding & use

“The work of InnerDialogue allows language to be distilled into the essence of different disciplines, models and processes. Thus, all distillations are in essence, a language whose ontological duty is not only to define: “what is”, but also to determine what is missing, absent or yet unrealized. Signals can be seen non-verbal words within a specific somatic language. They have now been interpreted. They suggest an ontological framework which has been hidden”

— Solihin Thom

The purpose of the workshop:

  • To introduce human beings to the science and art of Signal receptivity, and to bring alive, and cultivate their capacity to listen to their inner self, as it receives and re-broadcasts  (previously hidden) information concerning a client, friend, family member, colleague and in social and business situations.
  • To introduce an ontological model of health, which can be applied in all disciplines.
  • To use signals as an ally, to facilitate an understanding as to the root causes of dysfunction; or as a pathway of dialogue, to explore new paradigms, to open up a whole new avenue of narrative, or to direct you to tissues and organs that require facilitation in the practitioner’s chosen line of work.

The workshop

Friday evening

This first evening introduces the practitioners to the ontological model that underlies the whole of the work known as InnerDialogue. Using a constellation process we will facilitate the opening to or receptivity to signals so that the workshop augments that which is potential but latent, or needs further activation within the human. We will discuss the traditional model of transference and countertransference and differentiate the differences and similarities; so that there is no mixed messages and misinformation.


Using a specific personal constellation process–based on the HT model developed by Solihin and Alicia (his wife)–we will begin to map out the sensory body, illustrating and providing information and understanding about the whys and wherefores of signal receptivity.

You will begin to have a comprehensive understanding of how our body is formatted, and how signals imprint and manifest within the somatic structures to illustrate particular dynamics within the essence of the client.


We will further practice this art, allowing through dialogue and play (the constellation process), the hidden information or nuance from the other to be relayed; these then are received, amplified, and understood–decoded–by the participants. We will provide the clues, concerning each type of signal and its specific location, which will augment your skill set, so that these signals then act as clues and, metaphorically, as an ally in your quest to facilitate clients, family members, friends, and colleagues.

The work of interpretation of signals can be further developed, but this particular workshop is designed so that it is immediately accessible. See the following article on InnerListening.

This work was developed from InnerDialogue, which uses kinesiology and mudras, or hand modes, acting as a feedback mechanism through the language that mudras provide. This work has been developed since 1985.

Definition of Signals

Signals are a somatic display and may be superficial, or deep in the tissues, bones, viscera, or act upon our physiology. They are illustrated, or are on display, in a variety of ways. These provide clues as to the nature of the signal, and dependent on its location, the essence of the meaning. These are NOT countertransference, which is a completely different set of dynamics.

They represent a signal upon a screen–your soma–which displays information about what is in the field. The field includes your client. When a practitioner is in a quiet, open, and receptive place, without demanding anything, signals manifest through an inner understanding, as it is not mooted by the client. They are a profound and exciting inner technology that practitioners can learn to develop, harness, and utilize.

  • Fee: $400
  • Deposit: $100 non-refundable deposit required 4 weeks prior
  • Cancellation policy – refunds minus deposit are given 2 weeks prior to the workshop
  • NB 1 week or less prior to the workshop, half the fee will be sent back if there is a cancellation.

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