December writing



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It is December, and the cold, the wet and the damp has set in, albeit today is around sixty-eight degrees. A beautiful winter’s day. Our sabbatical has gone on and on, and getting back to work appears to be quite difficult. I had planned to start researching and writing about our ontological model of health, but have had little motivation. In August we went to Freiburg in Germany, for a two week conference and during that time, I realized that I had the understanding of what to write, only it wasn’t the original premise that I had stuck in my mind. It was a sudden ah ha, but even then I have not been able to sit down and write let alone begin the research I must do. However the other day, one of my daughters, Rebecca, told me that the stories, the existential experiences that I have had, should be the basis of the book, and for me to write them down as short stories. This was prompted as I had recounted a particular dream that I had just had, which had had a marked impression on me. These, she informed me, would or could be the basis of the book. I followed the invitation and have begun to do this, although actually getting down into my ‘office’ is still a difficult manoevre when all around, are the distractions of stepping down. I’m going there now!