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The database of the work has been a work-in-progress over several years. Many of you have an ‘old’ copy, the older versions actually contains all that you really need and more. For some, you purchased a relatively smaller Dbase because you had only done the Cranial Fluid Dynamics work [CFD], or acupuncture [in a Rhythm], or several modules rather than all of them. There are currently about 4500 pages, some duplicate but few. Some pages obsolete but few. Slowly I am inserting two picture per mode so that you have alternate views of the mudra to enable you to place them in the client’s hands more correctly. There are multiple pages of full page mudra displays, which like before will be ‘clickable’ upon to take you to the requisite page in the dBase. These pages are designated until titles, similar to the A-Z page we had before, but icon driven; meaning these catch us as visual clues. I’m trying to make the system easier to use, more manageable and intuitive. It is definitely a work in progress.

We are embarking to move the dBase from Filemaker to an html 5 file system. This means same operational capacity, and all the files, notes, mudras etc., but accessible on the web. We are going to initiate an indigo fund raising page to help do this. Why, you may ask? Filemaker incrementally increases it capabilities and prices every three of four years. It then doesn’t allow us to upgrade unless we pay the full amount, prior to that of course you may continue on a yearly or three yearly basis to upgrade, nevertheless in the end you pay your money! It is expensive and way beyond what we now need. A dBase on the internet may of course inconvenience some of you, then you can have the best of both worlds, keep your original files and when the internet is available in your place off work or home visit, then log in and you get an up-to-date and continually upgraded system of files, notes and diagrams.

Kip Johnson from Oregon, accompanied my his wife Robin, who teaches the Human Template model of constellation work which we developed, are the prime movers for me. So they are busily sketching out the indigo page which we’ll link to, on to the closed Facebook site of the community.

I hope you will be able to see the benefits of doing this; an updates Dbase, noted, more mudras, more intuitive, reprogrammed actually, and hopefully easier to use, as it will be icon driven. We will be asking for a donation which will infect be your entry fee into the program, which will be a nominal amount to enable you to continually use the work. Your contribution will be factored in for 1, 2 3 or more years of use, depending on your generosity. Yes, this will become a fee driven site, but no more and rather less than the price of upgrades over the years. You will benefit from a community of subscribers, users that is, who will be able to send in information which will be incorporated into the dBase.